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 Shout outs:

I love Frodo too! i love dis site. hope this gets on the page.......!
c ya!


Hello Hobbit World,
I love your webiste. It is very fun. I love hobbits. 


Hi peeps! I don't realy like how you hate sam! you need to be nicer to the people that DO like sam! :(   But your site totaly ROCKS! 


Hey what up dawgs? I luvvv this sick site. Frodo is the coolest hobbit. But i totally luuvvvv gandalf and bilbo 2! put them on more!!


Hey  guys,
I hope you put this on your shout out page!! I love your site, its totally awesome. I love Pippin and Merry, their so funny! Frodo 2!


 I love Frodo


Hey! I'm flattered, but I think you should put more about the other hobbits.

-Elijah Wood